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Information about Searching and
Entering non-English Language Names and Abbreviations

The Clinical Terminology Dictionary now has the capability to store the translations of the English language Item Names and Abbreviations.  All searches done via the Website now will search on both English and non-English Names and Abbreviations.

Searching for non-English Names and Abbreviations

All Full Searches and Partial Searches will search on both English language and non-English languages Names and Abbreviations.  You should be aware that, initially, there will be very limited non-English Names and Abbreviations in the Dictionary.  Over time, our volunteers who work in non-English languages will be populating the Dictionary with these translations. At the present time, we are having some technical difficulty doing searches on some of the non-English names. We are working on this but don't have an expected completion date at this time.

Who can enter non-English translations?

All users who have registered and verified their account are permitted to enter non-English translations. You will need to login to your account to activate this feature.

Entering non-English Terms and Abbreviations

You can enter non-English Names and Abbreviations for any Dictionary Names that have been previously entered.

To Add a new translation, Edit an existing one, or Delete a translation:

  • search for and select the term for which you want to add translations.
  • On the 'Detailed Information for Selected Item' web page, select "Click to Add, Edit or Delete Item Name Translations".
  • On the "Add, Edit or Delete Other Language Entries for ..." page, you can select "Add New Language Translation for ..." to enter a new translation.
  • If previous translations exist and they need to be Edited or Deleted, select the appropriate button.
  • If you need additional languages to be added to the list, please notify We should be able to have the language activated in 24 hours or less.

To show dictionary terms which have blank translations for a specific language:

  • Login (if you have not yet registered, you must do this first)
  • Highlight Search from the left side menu and then select "Translations" from the drop down menu.
  • In the second section entitled "Display Items with no Translations", select this option and then choose the language you want displayed.
  • Click on Next. The list of all terms that do not have translations in the chosen language will be displayed.
  • Click on a term for which you want to enter a translation in your chosen language.
  • On the "Detailed Information for Selected Item" page, choose either Item Name Translation or Abbreviation Translation by clicking where it says "Click to add...".
  • Click on "Add" at the bottom of the resulting page to enter the new translation.

Associate Editor Positions Available
We have several volunteer positions as Associate Editors available. Each will take responsibility for a different language and help recruit volunteers to add non-English translations. If you know clinical terms in non-English languages and are interested in participating, please consider these positions. If you have any questions or want to apply, please contact us at